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Judge the maintenance method of automatic bag sewing machine

作者:点击:271 发布时间:2023-05-15

1. In each operation part, you may often pay attention to writing sewing oil, and the oil filling times shall not be less than three times per tea shift. The genuine Vaseline in the gear seat can be exchanged after maintenance. When it is not in use, it is placed in the monotonous ventilation center and covered with dust. Automatic sewing machine for woven bags.

2. The fake right of use machine is newly purchased, and it may have been unused for several days. During sewing, lubricate all the oil holes with sewing oil and idle for half a minute, and then stop formal sewing after all the oil enters the machine.

3. After each shift, the machine is probably cleaned, especially in the crochet and feeding mechanism. It is easiest to adhere to the plush and dust left during sewing. These plush and dust must be cleaned frequently. After each disassembly and assembly, add engine oil and lubricate the machine. Apply a layer of antirust oil on the surface of non painted and chrome plated parts to prevent rust. Automatic sewing machine for woven bags.

4. When sewing pockets with large thickness or tight texture, a small amount of Pu oil can be added to the suture to reduce the disadvantages of sewing such as cracking or needle skipping.

5. The hand wheel (94t) on the machine should be in the clockwise direction.