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How to use sewing machine to improve production efficiency?

作者:点击:522 发布时间:2023-03-09

Sewing machine is the key equipment of automatic packaging line. Its main function is to quickly sew the mouth of material bag. It is a machine with simple operation and convenient use. It mainly completes the splicing and seam of bag or woven fabric. The process is characterized by good sealing after suture, such as flour bag; High strength, such as cement bag; Easy to disassemble, find out the tail of the line and loosen it as soon as you pull it, and the bag can be reused. The operation of each machine will have its technical indicators. What are the technical indicators of the sewing machine? Start and stop operation mode - if you want a machine to move, there will be a start button, and so will the sewing machine. On the contrary, there is also a stop button. The correct start and stop mode can help us better use the machine and indirectly prolong the service life of the machine, Otherwise, it will be the opposite result.

Speed - the speed of sewing speed can help us achieve the expected completion speed, and correct and appropriate control of speed can also enable us to improve the speed of sewing, so it is very useful for speed control.

Needle pitch - the main function of this kind of equipment is to sew the bag, so the needle is its indispensable "weapon". We should adjust the needle pitch as appropriate as the rotating speed, so as to help Newland industrial imported sewing machine manufacturers produce the ideal sewing density and ensure the sewing degree.

Sewing material thickness - do not think that the thickness of the bag is not the technical index of the machine. In fact, it is not. Always pay attention to the thickness of the sewing material, which can enable us to better use the sewing machine. At the same time, it can also enable us to set the appropriate needle distance and presser foot pressure, so as to better ensure the sewing speed and quality.

It can be seen that the quality of its technical state directly affects the normal operation of the packaging line. Therefore, it is very important to understand the faults and treatment measures of the sewing machine.