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What is the problem of jumper when the bottom thread of portable sewing machine is loose?

作者:点击:1015 发布时间:2023-09-07

The hand-held sewing machine is manual hand-held sewing, which is flexible and simple, but the labor intensity of workers is high and the productivity is low. Because it is a single line, the strength after sewing is lower, and once the line is continuous or the suture is poor, the bag opening will open.

When using the hand-held sewing machine, the bottom thread will not come out when changing the thread, and then the bottom thread will become loose when changing the thread. There are floating lines on it. Sometimes there are problems with jumpers. What's going on?

In fact, these problems can only be about the parts of the sewing machine, not to mention the problems of the machine. We can try to adjust the shuttle. The needle skipping is that the shuttle is not adjusted well, or the teeth are too low. If there is a floating wire, it depends on the wire clamp to see if it has not been reset. We just need to pull the thread tight.

Solution of sewing machine Jumper:

1. Take out the shuttle and pull out the bottom line by about 10cm;

2. Replace qualified parts as required, adjust the high and low position of needle rod, and the spacing and clearance between needle and rotary hook tip;

Needle cooling (silicone oil) shall be adopted for chemical fiber line;

3. Slow down the sewing speed and increase the smoothness of the surface line;

4. Adjust the fitting time of thread trimming cam;

5. Move the presser foot to the left and right according to the seam material, or fill the wide groove with solder, then open a narrow groove, polish or replace the qualified presser foot