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How to adjust the jumper and broken thread of the portable sewing machine?

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1. The jumper is that the gap between the crochet and the machine needle is wrong. Treatment method: remove the crochet panel, and there is a manual rotating hand wheel behind the sewing machine motor. Manually rotate the hand wheel to see where the crochet can hook the line, and lock the crochet at this position.

2. How to adjust the broken wire is that the wire quality is poor, and the wire presser is too tight. Treatment method: the wire presser has a plastic knob on the top of the wire passing ring, tighten it clockwise and send it counterclockwise, and adjust it to the appropriate position. If the wire presser is not tight, the wire quality is poor, and it is OK to replace the wire.

The sewing and wrapping machine is a sewing equipment for plastic braids, which mainly completes the splicing and sealing of braids. The key point of the process is the sewing strength.

The general model is GK. GK series industrial sewing machines are divided into single thread chain type and double thread chain type according to stitch. They are divided into single needle and double needle according to the number of stitches. They are divided into desktop sewing machine, portable sewing machine and vertical sewing machine according to usage.

The main models of domestic desktop sewing machines are GK2 and gk8 series sewing machines; Domestic portable sewing machines are mainly gk9 series, which have been used for many years. In addition, there are imitation portable sewing machines in Japan and Germany in China; Domestic vertical sewing machine is popular with GK35 series and imitates German products