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What should I do if the sewing machine jumps?

作者:点击:870 发布时间:2023-06-17

The sewing machine has been working for a long time, and some problems may occur, resulting in the inability to continue the work. What are the possible faults of the sewing machine? What we want to introduce next is what to do if there is needle skipping in the sewing machine? I hope our introduction will be helpful to you!

1. There are two common cases of sewing machine Jumper:

(1) The gap between machine needle and crochet is too large

(2) The thread passing is too low or missing, or the hole of the needle plate is worn. The sewing envelope has no overpressure thread. The needle groove surface of the machine is parallel to the face of the machine body

terms of settlement:

1. Adjust the clearance between machine needle and crochet

2. Adjust the crossing line upward

3. Replace the worn needle plate

4. Change a kind of sewing envelope. The sewing envelope cannot be elastic

5. Replace the thread clamp of the sewing machine

Treatment of excessive gap between machine needle and hook needle:

1. Replace the needle plate

2. Readjust the clamp pressure

3. Check whether the presser foot is worn and whether the feeding teeth are worn

4. Adjust the gap between the needle and the hook of the sewing and wrapping machine