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What causes the broken needle of electric sewing machine?

作者:点击:588 发布时间:2021-08-30

1、 Some users of the portable electric sewing and wrapping machine have also encountered needle breakage. Do you know how to deal with this problem? Do you know what causes it? Today, kaigong packaging will answer the problem of the sewing and wrapping machine for you. Most of the needle breakage of the sewing and wrapping machine occurs in. The sewing and wrapping needle has been broken, and the customer has changed the needle, and some users have sewed hard objects to break the needle, If you encounter these two problems, kaigong packaging will put forward how to solve the jumper problem so that you * can use the sewing machine.

2. If your sewing machine jumper is because you have changed the machine needle once, please pay attention to such problems (whether the sewing needle is installed in place and whether the machine needle is installed reversely). These two problems will lead to needle breakage of the machine, and needle breakage will also occur for sewing hard objects, mainly because the machine needle is metal and relatively thin. If hard objects are hard, it is easy to break the needle in the past, Please clean the bag chips at the feeding teeth of the sewing machine.